Why ASH drygoods?

WE HAVE A CHOICE. Our choices define us. Our heritage lends dimension to our existence. Integral to the design of each of our products is the choice to help preserve our weavers' heritage through traditional craft. That means longer lead times. It means there's no guarantee we'll get the exact color of hand-dyed yarns we think we want. And what we've learned after the outcome is more beautiful than we planned it, is that it's ok to let go of control a little bit. We're choosing the process over the product. We're choosing people over machines. We're choosing what's been good enough for thousands of years (in our own signature color palette, of course).

WE CHOOSE TO GIVE. Profits are great. But we're all for sharing. We commit to giving half of our profits from the sale of each item to charities that benefit the region of its origin. The more we sell, the more we all benefit.

WE CHOOSE GREAT DESIGN. We work with our suppliers to create limited-run, impeccably-designed products that brighten our lives and brighten our suppliers' futures.